Gypsee-Bella-digital tech

I was focusing on unusual point of view. Its like a ants point of view of seeing things from their world. I really like this photo, this is the first photo I had taken out on field.


this is my edited photo of the grass and clouds. I used a apple tie die to make this affect to work, I think this affect is really good it looks really pretty

I was trying to make this photo based on fill the frame technique. I stuck my hand in the long wavy bush close enough down the roots of the bush. this is my very favourite photo that I had taken.

I used a neon leak a colour & changing pattern to do this. I sharpened the colour to make it more dark and noticeable. I added a orange touch on the right hand side of the photograph.

I did another fill in the frame photograph. It looks like a jungle at the top of a tree & it looks like yummy broccoli. But its actually Basil  

The affect I used was fiddling with the brightness settings,contrast settings and colour setting. I sharpened the photo to make it look darker then it was before and to make it stand out more.

I was trying to aim this photo to be a unusual point of view. I took this photo out the front of the school. These leaves are pretty to me, I like how they are lined up together by their vines.

This is my edited photo of the leaves. I did a rainbow-ish colour to this photograph. I really like, this edit i did.

I took this photo upside down, these rocks look pretty good upside down. I find it interesting.

I used a colour contrast to make the colours stand out. I used a galaxy filter  to make this photo look really good. To me this actually looks like space to me.

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