Jenna Fonteyne's Rockin Summer 2014

GREAT day at DollyWood today!! ;) #tennesseelife


During the summer I had so much fun! I went to Tennessee the last day of school. The flight was kind of upsetting because, we had layovers on our way there, and layovers on our way back home. On our way there we stopped in Minneapolis for a layover and a plane switch.

From there my family and I flew to Knoxville Tennessee and drove about an hour to Tazewell Tennessee for a family reunion the next day.

At the family reunion, I saw so many relatives i haven't seen in a long time. A lot of them said "Oh my gosh! you've grown up so much! I remember the last time i saw you, you were so little!" I really missed them all. We ate food. took a LOT of pictures, and  talked. My mom wanted a picture so badly with her dad and step mom, so they took one! My brother and i heard so many cool stories about the old days when my mom was a little girl and how she would work at the farm.  

After the reunion ended my mom made plans to stay with her cousin that lives just right down the road. My brother and I rode their four wheelers down by the river and up to the cemetery to look at all the people that had died in my moms family. The next day we had to leave and ended up driving to Gatlinburg Tennessee to go to Dollywood and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Dollywood was a blast! its just like Silverwood but about three times bigger! There was a whole museum dedicated to Dolly Parton. It was crazy! the entire museum was all about her career, what she wore to shows and all of her awards she has won! My brother and i also got to meet her Uncle who helped her write all of her songs!

Im not the kind of person who likes roller coasters... but of course, being at Dollywood my brother made me go on a roller coaster called the Fire Chaser Express. it was actually a blast! It gave me that adrenaline rush and then i started shaking uncontrollably.

I went home and all was good! I had such a blast with my family! #greenacresrockinsummer2014 #kettner #tech2

Went riding for half the summer! :D

Saw "Tammy" with a really amazing old time friend.

Went to a horse farm over in Tennessee. I thought this was really cute! :)

The summer went by faster than i expected it to be. awe! :(

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3 years ago

Great work Jenna. I like how you split up the text and it went along with your pics.