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That's right...have you ever wanted to host a party but just never wanted to have to clean, cook, have to convince your spouse or pay a for a babysitter in order to have a party? I have had LOTS of women who wanted to book an in-home party but simply could not. So..we are introducing ONLINE PARTIES!     Enjoy the same incentives of having a in-home party except you and your guests will have the opportunity to part at home...in your PJ's with party themes such as Breakfast In Bed, Pajama Party, Lunch-break, Midnight Snacks, and Mommy-Times!  What's the difference between Online Parties and In-Home Parties? In home parties allow your guests to taste, feel and smell products, socialize with your friends in person, eat together, play games together and your guests will be able to take home majority of their order the same night!  At online parties your confirmed guests will receive a guest packet that includes a catalog along with samples of products to taste, feel, and smell, well will have games and giveaways, you and your guests can socialize in the private group chat while I discuss and demo the products that guests can order the same night and recieve in the mail within 7-10 days!

In-home party Hostesses recieve up to $100 in free products for booking an In-Home party, a free silver bullet, plus the secret " In-home hostess Hook-up", and for a total party sales of $500 or more receives 45%off any item of her choice!

Online party Hostesses recieves $5 credit for each guest who places an order of $50 or more on the night of her online party, up to $100 in free products, a free silver bullet, and for a total party sales of $100 or more receives 45% off any item of her choice!  

Book your online or In-Home party today ladies!!!!!

Host your in-home or online party in July to be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Visa Gift card!!

Contact me today at 443-360-1717!!!

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