Cherokee Life

Ways of living

  • Cherokee tribes have became writers, painters, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and leaders.
  • Cherokees we know today are to be true :For hundreds of years, they have tried to learn about nature and the world, and how they tried to lived with it.
  • They used hunting skills to catch food to eat.
  • Most Cherokee homes were made out of birch bark (type of wood)
  • Some were the dugout type (especially the canoes belonging to the tribes who lived farther south).


  • Cherokee believe that all the Earth was underwater and  creatures lived in the space above the water.
  • Cherokee people had stories about how the world came to be.
  • Cherokees dive underwater where they find the soft mud and spread and spread until it was a great mass of land.
  • The Cherokees were not the only tribes in North Carolina, but they were probably the most powerful tribes.
  • The Cherokee people were good hunters.

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