Hannah Magraw 1B
Due: 11/4


noun. something considered to have sacred significance
root: sacer, sacred

Her musical sacrament of harp music at the beginning of worship put everyone in a prayerful, relaxed, spiritual place for the rest of the Sunday's service.


noun. a sacred place; any place of refuge
root: sanctus, holy

Perhaps one of the most important and impactful cinematic moments is the flee of the Von Trapp family from the Nazis in "The Sound of Music" as they seek safety and a sanctuary in an abbey. They hope not be caught in their hideout and to escape to freedom.


adjective. hard to read
root: hieros, holy/sacred/supernatural

In college, if the professor cannot read your hieroglyphic writing, they will simply throw the assignment out, so it is important to develop legible and neat writing skills.


noun. a meager portion of anything, especially as an allowance or salary
root: pio/piare/piavi/piatum, to appease/to purify (with sacred rites)

The young girl was only paid a $2 weekly pittance even though the family was millionaires and could afford to give her hundreds of dollars for doing her chores.

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