On The Holidays

Trip To India

My family Holidays started ,when we reached the airport. We checked in our luggage we had 3 suitcases and 4 handbags. We were going on Shanghi  Airlines. We had a lot of fun. We loved the plane , it was Comfortable, the food was very spice.

We reached Shanghi, it was nice. We had picked up our luggage. We wanted to go to our hotel it was called Shanghi hotel, it was far away from the airport.  We were trying to ask people, if they knew where the bus to the hotel was. We did not understand each other. We found a young couple who were having trouble talking to people. We all worked together to find the hotel. We all went in side and went to bed. We woke up in the morning. We got ready and had a shower. We met our friends and ate breakfast. We all went to the airport it had a train station in it. We brought tickets for the speed trains there speed is 300 it was fun. The train lifts of the tracks sometimes it is scary and fun. We went to the pearl tower and tohe jingxow tower. It was pretty. I could see the hole city from up there it was like the Eureka sky Deck. We went to the shops and we realised ,We were late for our planes but, we made it just in time.We went to india.

We reached india. We said bye to the couple they were going somewhere else. We went and said hello to my grandparents, they took us to there house. We unpacked and gave them gifts from australia. They loved  the gifts. We all said good night to each other. We woke up the next morning. We all packed suitcases and left to go see my other grandparents. We reached we all  said hi and hello to each other then, we went inside. We got the rooms ready. We ate lunch then my grand parents all packed and we went to sleep. The next morning we were all in my grand dad 8 seater car. We went to the train station. We had fun, we got in the train and went to a kuna kumari. We reached then we went on a  house boat. We had lot of fun. We were dancing and sing. We were sleeping on water it was very deep. We had 5 bed rooms, it was fun . We play games and my parents danced together. We went to bed. The next morning we reached shore. We got our bags and we went to the train station. We reached Kerala it is a place in India. We went to a friends house we had lots of fun talking and playing with them. We ate dinner and went to bed. The next morning we packed and had a 15 minute drive to Luna park it was fun. India does not have many safety rules. We went on a ride I was below the level but they let me on anyway. We almost fell of the ride, it was fun my mum was shaking when she got off so was everyone else ,I wanted to go again. We had finished we were tired but we went to the wave pool and it was very fun. We packed up and went to the house. We told our friends all about it then we went to bed. The next day, we packed up and went to the train station and drove home. We got our suitcases and went to the airport. We said bye to everyone. We went back we had stop over at shanghai we were to tired we slept the hole time. We came back to Australia.

We had a lot of fun. I loved the trip but, it was more fun returning to my perfect home. It was the best trip I have ever had. Thank you for reading.

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