Egypt Dining Rules

By: Grayson C. Hichkad and Kris Moreno  4/23/14 North

This is the Egyptian flag.

In Egypt you cannot eat with your left hand and you can't eat any pork. There is no alcohol in Egypt. In Egypt you never pour your own drinks. Boys and girls are required to eat separately. Always accept a cup of tea or coffee. Always wash your hands before eating. And, bread can be used as a utensil.

This is a picture of 2 Egyptian shish-kabobs.

This is a map of Egypt and it's major cities.

Reflection: It was surprising how in Egypt how they cannot eat with their left hand. They differ from the United States of America because here we can eat pork and there they cannot. It is important to know all of their dining etiquette rules so that you don't get into trouble, embarrass yourself or offend other people.  

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