To use 1 or 2 Brokers when

Selling your home ?

Homeowners sell their homes for different reasons.

Sometimes the reason is a not-so-happy one, as is the case of divorce

Your end-goal should always be kept in mind: Selling your property for as much money as possible, as soon as possible , in order for you to move on to your new chapter in your life.

When couples divorce , ideally the break-up should be amicable: but, many divorces are NOT amicable, and both parties head out and get their own lawyers, which is a great idea. In addition, when it comes to selling their marital estate, the couple then seek out Brokers to act on their behalf…… one for the husband, and one for the wife, or, more politically correct, “one Broker per spouse”.

Whenever a home-owner lists a property with a real estate broker, 50% of the commission is to pay the “Listing broker” and the balance goes to the selling broker.

You and your spouse should have 2 listing brokers that you feel each comfortable to work with, and your listing commission should not be higher if you utilize 2 brokers (assuming your brokers will agree) .

However make sure the whole world won't know that the reason you are selling is because you are splitting with your spouse.

2 Listing Brokers won’t get you more money than 1 Broker. Both brokers are hooked up to the MLS, and Its still just 1 listing. However they will each work for you and give you ,your peace of mind. Just make sure the 2 brokers know each other and are in good terms .

Like this; In few years from now, you will not ask the question: "I wonder if I got cheated on the sell of that property"

Hire brokers who focus on the most important task at hand: MARKETING YOUR PROPERTY.

You would want me on your team. My goal is to Sell your property for as much money as possible , as soon as possible and help you move on to the new chapter in your life.

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