Not Making/Making Merchandise !

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

This movie would be a great movie to make merchandise for ! It's just another Transformers movie but with different actors playing the human characters. There are also dinosaurs in this one, but its kinda the same concept of all the others. This would be great for kids toys, even action figures of the Transformers, and the new dinosaurs. Also a video game would be great for this movie, they have made video games for the other movies, so I don't see why not. I could see McDonald's taking on this movie for a new cross production. I think for their kids meals they would give an action figure toy; and on the box they would have a few pictures of the action figures you can get. The box would also have them in the movie, with them in the action scenes.

The Fault in Our Stars

This movie would not be a good movie to make merchandise for. The movie is about a young girl that is very sick and she falls in love with a boy and the boy falls for her, and they try to make it passed her illness. It sounds like a love story kinda film. You can't really make any merchandise for this movie; I mean maybe a coffee mug, but there isn't any thing that is worth making. Also you can't really cross product anything with the movie; maybe a box of chocolates but that would be a horrible idea..

Most Important Things For Just Starting Artists !

With a Major label

If you want to become a known artist and not make much money this is the way for you ! You most likely wont get rich off of making albums because the deals that the labels make with you are just terrible. You will make most of your money of the merchandise you sell and concerts you perform. You will however become a very well known artists around the world. The main reason musicians sign with major labels is to become famous worldwide, that's what there good at; This is because they have a lot of connections with people that will get your name out.

Independent label

If you want to get much more money from your albums and everything else; but to not be as famous, this is for you ! You will make a lot more money off of all the albums you make, merchandise you sell, and the concerts you perform. These labels are usually owned by former musicians so they know the situation that your in, and know that you want to make money off of your albums. You might become famous but most of the time the people that sign these aren't that well known. Also your concerts usually aren't as big because there arent that big of funds and there's less connection with these small labels.

Evaluate a Movie Poster

The Avengers

This is a poster for the movie The Avengers. It is another Marvel movie that has most of the popular Marvel characters. It is very attention grabbing; from Iron Man in the front to The giant Hulk in the back causing destruction. There are a lot of buildings that are being destroyed and a lot of debris on the ground and also in the air. It looks like it is going to have you on the edge of your seat the whole time and it looks very action packed. It makes you wanna go see the movie, and find out why there is all of that destruction in this town. It also looks like their about to fight something, so I wanna know what it is there about to fight. There is also a huge blue beam coming off of the building in the back, that might have a part in the movie. The building has Stark on it and that's Iron Man's building, I wonder why it's almost destroyed and why there's that beam. I like the idea of the movie; were all the huge Marvel characters are all in the same movie, It just has action packed film written all over it.

30 Seconds to Mars Movie Reflection

My Deal

30 Seconds to Mars and most other bands got and are getting screwed by there label deals. I would think that for each album sale the band should get 40% and the label 60%, because the band makes the album of course but it takes a lot for the label to promote it and package and ship it. For digital downloads band 70% and the label 30%, because the label would just have to promote the album and they wouldn't have to ship anything. Merchandise and endorsements should be 85% to the band and 15% to the label. the label doesn't have much to do with the merchandise and the endorsements aren't that much either. The concerts and the rights to the songs are both 90% to the band and 10% to the label. At the concerts the band has to perform and the labels have nothing to do with it. I think people will still sign with major labels because most artists aren't all about money, some of them just want to become famous and have more people listen to there music. If i were 30 Seconds to Mars i would have just signed an independent deal, or just gone solo. I would do this because they were already famous, and a lot of people knew and liked them world wide. So they wouldn't need any promoting, but the only issue would be shipping the albums and selling them to the stores. I would just make albums digital download only so then you wouldn't have to worry about shipping anything and you get all the profit !

Evaluate a Movie Trailer

Lone Survivor

This movie trailer makes the movie look awesome ! It looks like there is a very good story to the movie, and to make it even better its based on a true story. It looks like there is action the whole time, and it will keep you wondering. It looks like there are a lot of clips from the beginning of the movie to make you wanna see it. The beginning looks like it sets up the rest of the movie so that's good. It showed the bad guy that they are probably trying to kill. Also it showed a few humorous parts in the movie, that made it seem more enjoyable. The climax of the movie is probably when they let that kid go and they know that they are going to have to fight a bunch of people. There were a few dramatic scenes like when the soldiers are getting wounded, it makes you want to figure out if they survived or what made them get wounded.

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