Museum Exhibit: Handy Man/Homo Halilis

Riley Nicolella

Handy man was the second group of homonids found.He is also Known as Homo Habilis. He lived closer to our time. They found his bones in Africa. Handy man got his name because he was the first man to use tools. His tools were not great but they did the job. Handy mans tools were very easy to make. He used animal bones for digging tools, rocks as chipping tools, and sharpened rocks for cutting. The couple who found him saw that he lived in groups. They think they lived in groups to protect agianst animal attacks and to help them get more food.

Handy man had lots of tools that helped him survive.As listed above you can see they were pretty simple but they helped him survive.Handy man did not have fire but he was able to eat and not get sick.

Phisical features.

Handy man had a larger brain then the past homoid lucy. He was about 4 feet tall with a large gaw. Handy man had ape like features. He walked on two feet. He was taller then the past homonid Lucy but he had a brain twice the size of hers.

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