Kitchen Saftey

Prevention and first aid for cuts

Cuts prevention

1. Always keep knives sharp. Sharp knives make clean cuts. A dull may cause a worst cut injury than it has to be.

2. Never cut toward your self because you have a high risk of hurting your self.

3. Always wash knives separately to ensure not to cut yourself while handling other dishes.

4. Never point a knife at someone. Always hold the knife down.

5. Store knives in proper containers. Knives should be kept away from children and separately from the rest of the dishes.

6. Never put your finger near the blade of a knife, blenders or food processors. Unplug them when not in use.

7. Dispose of broken glass properly blot up glass splinters with wet towel.


1. Cover the wound and apply pressure to stop the bleeding and to prevent infection.

2. Always wash the wound with soap and warm water to kill any germs or bacteria that may be present in the wound.

3. If the cut is severe continue to apply pressure and go to the doctor or emergency room.

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