Much Ado About Nothing

Cheyenne Irby

As a bachelor I never cared for affection although my dear friend Claudio wanted to be a husband, he had set his eyes upon "the fair maiden Hero" as he called her. Beatrice was Hero's cousin she was kind of smart but not as clever or witty as I am but like i had to even say that , she is like me in someways she seems to not be interested in love but her cousin was young and of age to be married which is why Claudio wanted to woo her although he couldn't our friend Don Pedro offered to help him out. In disguise he wooed the maiden in to loving Claudio and while this happened rumors spread that Beatrice had feelings for me i thought it couldn't be so but soon I found myself thinking of how i loved her.

The next day however was the wedding, the night before we had our feast, but as Hero walked down the aisle my friend didn't seem to pleased with his bride and Don Pedro had been looking at little odd himself not there usual selves at least, as they were getting married Claudio totally flipped out accusing Hero of being a common stale and I was too shocked to speak. But as we all find out in the end that it was all a lie and that Don John the Bastard was behind all the lies and rumors and Barachio and Margret had been the two saw in Hero's bedroom window, even though i had thought i loved Beatrice it turned out in the end she felt she didn't although our hands went against our  hearts when Caludio and Hero showed love lettered we had written for each other saw that we were in love even though we wouldn't admit it in the end   

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