Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties
Sui 589-618
Tang 618-907
Song 960-1279

400 years after the han dynasty collapsed ,Chinese  rulers split China into different rival kingdoms. Because of this there was a lot of warfare. Historians call this the period of disunion. The Period of Disunion lasted over 350 years but when it ended in 589 a Northern ruler named Wendi reunified china and founded the Sui dynasty. After Yang Di Wendi's son and second ruler of the Sui dynasty was assassinated the Sui dynasty ended. After the Assassination of Yang Di a Sui general seized power and founded the Tang dynasty. The Tang built off of the Sui dynasty to create a stronger goverment after a powerful general killed emperor Xuanzong in 907 the Tang dynasty ended. After the Tang china was split again and not reunified until 960 with the Song dynasty