Which behaviors or conflicts are conscious and unconscious?

Alexis Petty, Mrs.Habtemariam, Psychological Approach

Oedipus Example 1:
Conscious: killed a man.
Unconscious: killed his father.

Oedipus Example 2:
Conscious: Married Jocasta.
Unconscious: Married his mother.

Scars Example:
Conscious: Hit the ball.
Unconscious: Hit his father with the bat.

Digital Media 1: Mean Girls
Conscious: Cady tried to embarrass the plastics.
Unconscious: She became one.

Digital Media 2:"Stan" by Eminem
Conscious: Eminem is writing to Stan about some crazy guy that killed himself and his pregnant girlfriend.
Unconscious: The guy Eminem is writing is Stan.

Digital Media 3:
Conscious: Jenna was cheating on Matty with Collin.
Unonsious: Jenna getting caught cheating by Matty and her friends.

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