Tyler Morris

The Lion is a magnificent feature of the Feline family. Its blonde coated fur matching the sunset in Africa and its calm and quiet personality makes it by farthest in my opinion one of the best safari animals ever lived. Have you ever thought about where the lion came from? In this presentation, I will date back to the Lion ancestors and when it first showed up, how it looked, and how different they are from now and back then.

The first ever lions to appear on earth were cave lions. Cave lions, also known as the Middle Pleistocene European cave lion, flourished about 500,000 years ago and their fossils have been recovered from Germany and Italy. There fossils showed that they were larger than today's African lions, reaching sizes comparable to the American cave lion and slightly larger than average lion. Another ancestor of the lion was the Sabertooh Lion which came about during the ice age.

The differences between the lion then and now was that back then the lion was bigger and could consume more food. Back then, the lion weighed to about 579 lbs unlike how today it weighs only to the maximum of 380 lbs.Also, lions didn't always have golden colored fur. When the lion first appeared, they had grayish or light blonde colored fur. Being that lions are smaller than what they were back then they can run 20 more miles faster then they could back then.

Besides the way their body type look like back then the lion didn't have it's wild hair. Also, in the past the lion would prefer to hunt alone and only eat food that was caught by itself. Today, the lion loves being out in the field where it can roam free. Back then they would have rather stayed in hiding.

The life span of lions are small compared to what they were years ago. Back then the lion could live up to 20 years and now they only can live up to 12 years if in the wild. In the past if you saw a lion you would've thought they were shy or either a little anti-social, but today they are one of the most sociable animals alive. Decades ago, lions lived in caves and in the snow almost like a winter fox where now they live mostly in hot safari places like Africa. One thing that will never change about lions is that they love relaxing.

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