Henry Doorly Zoo Trip

Maryam Rauuf
Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo Trip
May 1st, 2014

Creatures At The Zoo

Eel fish are capable of producing electricity

Common Name: Green Moray Eel                    Scientific Name: Gymnothorax funebris

Biome: Marine                                                       Home Range/Habitat: can be found in the                                                                                       western Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of                                                                                   Mexico and the Caribbean Sea


1) Breathe w/ gills                                      1) Use electricity to get prey

2) Scales for protection                            2) Scales for protection from predators

3) Fins for swimming                                3) Long fins for better swimming

4) Mouths to eat                                         4) Teeth to rip consumption

5)  Swim bladders                                      5) Camouflaged body

Bullfrogs colors varies from brownish to shades of green and often with spots.

Common Name: American Bullfrog(Native to North America)  

Scientific Name: Lithobates catesbeianus

Biome: Forest                                                              Home Range/Habitat: Bullfrogs are the                                                                                           largest real frog found in North America


1) Breathe with gills                                                 1) Camouflaged skin

2) Double life                                                            2) Can see in color

3) Lungs for breathing                                            3) Slimy skin

4) Webbed feet for swimming                              4) Legs for walking and climbing on land

5) Long tongues to catch prey                               5) Has toxins to get away from predators

Sea turtles are excellent swimmers.

Common Name: Sea Turtle                             Scientific Name: Chelonioidea

Biome: Marine                                                    Home Range/Habitat: Sea turtles are found in                                                                               all warm and temperate waters throughout the                                                                               world and migrate hundreds of miles between                                                                                 nesting and feeding grounds.


1) Scaly skin for protection                            1) Strong shell for protection

2) Cold-blooded                                               2) Specialized appendages for swimming

3) Camouflaged bodied                                  3) Breathe with lungs and is adapted to water

4) Breathe with lungs                                     4) Excellent divers

5) Thick skin to keep water inside               5) Their heart is adapted to low depths

Penguins are great swimmers due to the shape of their appendages!

Common Name: Emperor Penguin     Scientific Name: Aptenodytes forsteri

Biome: Polar                                             Home Range/Habitat: There are around 40 known                                                                     breeding colonies, all of which occur on the pack ice                                                                     surrounding the Antarctic continent, the Antarctic                                                                         Peninsula and nearby islands.


1) Feathers for protections                    1) Special organization of feathers for warmth

2) Exoskeleton to protect organs        2) Appropriate appendages for swimming

3) Hollowed bones                                  3) Strong beaks to get prey

4) Beaks to break into food                  4) Ways of positioning appendages helps swimming

5) Specialized respiratory system       5) Can tolerate land and water

The Siberian Tigers has strong teeth for consuming prey!

Common Name: Siberian Tiger(Endangered)          Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica

Biome: Tundra                                                    Home Range/Habitat: They live primarily in                                                                                  eastern Russia's birch forests, though some                                                                                      exist in China and North Korea.


1) Endothermic                                                   1) Camouflaged bodies

2) Can live anywhere                                        2) Strong pointy teeth

3)  Bodies are covered with fur or hair         3) Fast runner

4) Four chambered heart                                4) Has strong body

5) Specialized teeth to eat with ease            5) Can weigh up to 700 Ibs

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