What a Blizzard is

A blizzard is a long lasting snow storm with strong winds and heavy snow fall

How a Blizzard Forms

 A cold front and a warm front have to run into each other so that the moist air from the warm front is put into the cold front and cold air cant hold much moisture so if it is cold on the ground and in the air. Snow will form and it will fall quickly because the cold air can't hold much moisture

Examples of Blizzards

The 1888 blizzard had over 400 deaths and 20 million dollars of property damage. The blizzard in 2010 left people stranded in there homes but there was not much property damage and there were no deaths. The blizzards 75+ years ago had lots of property damage and lots of deaths were as the ones in the last century have had very little property damage and no deaths.

Human Impact

How humans prepare for blizzards is by is watching the radar and keeping extra food in your house having a flashlight and a first aid kit. are all good ways to be prepared for blizzards

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