Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Aaron Buller

Early Life till Civil War

  • Born- January 21, 1824 Clarksburg, Virginia
  • Family Tragedy's
  • His Mother then remarried but her new husband didn't like the children.
  • He was raised in Jackson's Mill in present day West Virginia.
  • In 1842 he enrolled in the U.S. Military Academy in West Point
  • In 1846 he graduated from the Academy
  • Mexican American War
  • He then accepted a job at the Virginia Military Institute
  • Wives and children

During the Civil War

  • Jackson's view on succession
  • Jackson earns his nicknamePromotion to General
  • Jackson during the battles of the civil war
  • Jackson's partnership with Robert E. Lee
  • Jackson's in the Battle of Chancellorsville
  • Death on May 10, 1863


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