Mother to Son, Village Blacksmith, Fog VOCABULARY

Alyah Yardan


Definition: made of clear, brilliant glass

Sentence: I looked through the crystal glass.


Definition: tough and strong

Sentence: The sinewy little girl pounded the little boy in his face.


Definition: Strong and muscular

Sentence: The brawny old man lifted the heavy box.


Definition: minister

Sentence: The parson taught his congregation respect and love.


Defintion: Shaped by hammering

Sentence: The fence was wrought iron.


Definition: upper legs and hips of an animal

Sentence: The haunches of the horse were muscular.

Aquisition and Use...

1.No because haunches are the thigh and back-side.

2. Yes, because they are supposed to be strong and muscular.

3. I would expect a person who can braid to have sinewy hands.

4. Yes it's very easy to break it because crystals are fragile.

5. Yes, because a parson is a minister.

6. Yes, because wrought means made by hammer.

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