Physical Features

The cyclops has a human body with one eye.  These creatures are very dangerous and strong.  They are metal workers because all there skills are destruction based.


The cyclops are the second generation and children of Poseidon and Sea Nymph Thoosa.

First Seen

The Cyclops are generally mentioned as the sons of Uranus and Gaea, but Homer speaks of Polyphemus, the chief of the Cyclops, as the son of Poseidon, and states the Cyclops to be his brothers.

Last Seen

Cyclops are usually found in the sides of mountains.  Usually toward the top.  They are completely indifferent towards their neighbors.  


Although these seem like humans shape and body they are not.  They are extremely powerful and strong and could severely hurt you.


The Cyclops has only one eye so they have poor depth perception.  They will have a harder time seeing you the you seeing them.


The reward will be $5,000 because we needed for creating Zuese's thunderbolts and Apollo's helmet of darkness.

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