Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Tanner Hertzfeld


Alexander Gram bell

The telephone was the fastest way to talk to people at that time. It made it so people didn't have to send letters every time you wanted to talk to someone n the next town over. Was a cheaper than sending letters to.

The Lightbulb

Thomas Edison

The lightbulb was the first source of light that you could use that was run off electricity. The lightbulb was also cheaper than a lantern. The lightbulb also didn't need to be refilled with oil.

Oil Drill

Edwin Drake

Was one of the first ways to get oil. Without it there wouldn't have been a big search for oil. Gave a new fuel source to the world.

The Gas Powered Car

Charles and Frank Duryea

Gave the world a look at how gas could be used. You didn't need to worry about being blown up by a steam engine. Started a demand for gas powered cars.

The hand heald Camera

George Eastman

Allowed for photos to be taken by anyone. Was a major step in photography. It made the camera easier to use.

The Air Plane

Wilbur and Orville Wright

Was the first machine made for flying powered by an engine. Did what people said was impossible, make a man fly. There would be no flights taken today without it.

The Gas Engine

Nicholas Otto

Gave people a way to power thinks. Was not as dangerous as steam engines. Helped to form future engine designs that were not steam.

The Seismograph

John Milne

Gave the first way to detect seismographic activity. People of the time could now confirm if there was an earthquake. Was a major step in science.  

DC Current

Thomas Edison

Gave one way to get electricity. Was not the most efficient way to send out electricity. Had a higher liking than ac current because of Edison's claims about it.

Ac Current

George Westinghouse

Was the other way to get electricity to the people. Was the least popular of the methods. Was the most efficient way to get electricity to people. Was also just as safe as Dc current if not more safe.

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