Type of Car Insurance in Singapore

What is the best car insurance? Believing there are lots of people have misunderstood the exact meaning of the best car insurance. It doesn't mean the cheapest car insurance, or doesn't mean the biggest discount. But, it should be weighted from customers service, policy coverage, payment flexibility and claims process. To get the best car insurance in Singapore, you have to make sure that you know types of car insurance clearly. As it is important for you to figure out what type of car insurance you are going to purchase.

It is a common truth that the more coverage you buy, the higher the premiums you need to pay. It is not a smart choice to buy coverage as expensive as you can. But you should make sure that the type of car insurance you plan to buy should suit you. In other worlds, the type of car insurance you purchase should be the best for your needs.

So, what type of car insurance you'd better know?


Collision is a type of insurance that covers the damage of your car during an accident. No matter it is your mistake or the third parties' wrong, it is a good method for you to prevent the third parties have not buy their car insurance in Singapore or the coverage they bought not enough to pay for claims, repairs and damages.


Comprehensive is a type of car insurance which pays for the loss of your car in the fire, natural disasters or theft. As usual, there are fewer people will go to buy this type of car insurance in Singapore. Because lots of people may never use or need. Whether you need comprehensive or not should depend on where you live and how was the public security you live. Anyway, you are not suggested purchasing this type of car insurance.


Liability is a type of car insurance which covers both car owner's or the third parties' loss of property and bodily injury. Even the law has required people to buy this type of car insurance in some states and stated the minimum amounts of coverage. As different states have different requirements. So, before getting your car insurance, you'd better have a research on your state's requirements. But, no matter how, it is advisable for you to pay beyond the minimum coverage. As there are many unexpected expensives may result in the heavy economic burden for your family.

By the way, if you purchase your car insurance online, which will be much convenient. As car insurance companies will provide you with options automatically, then you can pick your policy. After selecting your policy, the following things you are going to do is to compare prices, adjust coverage levels, give up unnecessary coverage, choose the terms of payment and ask for a discount.