Nastia Lisetska. Real me

1. My Favorite Quotes:
*The family is one of nature's masterpieces.
*Forget all the reasons why it not work and believe the one reason why it will!

2. 5 people from any field that you would like to have dinner with:
*EeOneGuy - ukrainian videobloger
*Three group Deadeyes - Yoshi, Hirosh, Feel.
*My grandpa Boria (He live in Detroid and I see him not as often as I want.)

3. My favorite 5 places around the world:
*Detroid, America.

*Disneyland, Paris

*Venice, Italy

*Guyana, America

*Antelope Canyon, USA

4. 2 of my favorite books:
* First favourite book is "Demon's bride", because I always love fantasy  and demons.
* Second book is "Postcards from the other world". It is a philosophy book. In this book written about death and life.

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