The Conflict in Burma

Between Muslims & Buddhist Monks

What i am going to be telling you about is the Conflict between Muslims and Buddhist in Burma.How and Why the Buddhist be attacking the Muslims in That area.

What the main conflict is that is going on is between the Muslims & Buddhist. They are attacking the Muslims because they only have a small majority. And the Buddhist feel as if they need all the power in that area.

Where this problem is happen at is in South Asia in Burma. In this place this is where most of the Buddhist started at and it is close to where they originated at so most likely there would be a high population of Buddhist in that area. The Buddhist take about 90% of the area only when they Christians and Muslims together make up only 10%.

These religions are fighting because Buddhism only introduced the concept of God in the later doctrines, while Muslims believe in a God known as Allah. And the Buddhist find the Qu 'ran as an 'unreliable source' and eventually the religion will start to give and and go away. So they are basically fighting because the Buddhist thing that the Muslims religion make no sense and they are going to die off anyway.

The religion is the same because While Islam is a monotheistic religion that believes in worshiping an almighty God, Buddhism rejects the notion of a creator God but does honor enlightened beings as deities. So they Buddhist do not believe in god himself but they follow the Buddha as if he is a spiritual leader so they would both be considered as a monotheistic religion.

The problems that the place is suffering is Human rights groups have highlighted the government’s failure to address the use of child soldiers by the Burmese army, the high rates of infant mortality and the trafficking of children into the sex trade. The conflict started after they gained there independence after world war 2.

Have they tried to make peace in this area the answer is No they haven't tried to make peace but the government says that they must be patience about it. There fighting is effecting other places like Ahtisaari and Brundtland. They were speaking as representatives of The Elders to bring peace to Burma they just don't want fighting. So for now Muslims and Buddhist must just stop fighting until things get resolved.

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