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Art is a passion that makes people feel calm at times. Selling your artworks also makes you feel a bit more happier. But how can we sell it? How much get you get paid for one of your artworks? Do you have to have your own a shop? That's what I'm wondering.

Do you have to have an Art Degree?

You don't have to earn a degree. You can still create wonderful works of art and experience financial and exhibit success. Though having a art degree can lead to massive dept. Yet you can be successful. There is no advantage or disadvantage in having a art degree.

How much can you get paid for your work of art?

Your artworks can be decided on how much you'll get paid. Most art is done as $250 per hour. The more time you spend on your art the more the customer will be satisfied and give you the appropriate amount of money. There is a big difference between presentation and the usage. It depends on how they'll use it : magazine, newspaper ads, online media and much more. Your creativity also depends on the payment that you'll get.

How can you sell your work of art?

Selling your art can be difficult as what I have read so far. Many artist have a kind of art they do and people have their choices. Making different kinds of art attracts many people. By doing this, your it will increase your reputation.Many artist have trouble selling. Its better to show your art to everyone and maybe you'll attract people. That's how you can sell your artworks.

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