The Twelfth Night


In the story of the Twelfth Night the reader will in the middle of a love triangle between three of the of the book's main characters: Viola, Duke Orsino, and Olivia. This is just one of Shakespeare's many comedies; many critics say the Twelfth Night could be place in top ten of all his plays. The book stars a young lady named Viola that had been recently caught in a shipwreck. She loses ties with her twin brother Sebastian and with help of the captain that saved her she becomes a boy under the name of Cersio. As her new identity she tries to find any clue of her brothers existence, but gets caught up in love of the Duke.

                                               Illyria, the setting of the Twelfth Night.

My Thoughts

Personally I enjoyed the story of the Twelfth Night. It had a different take to a love story and had great plot elements, so it never had dull moments. The book is a hard read though. I had many moments where I needed to refer to the internet to understand some parts of the plot. I would suggest this book to anyone that’s looking for a comedic love story and anyone looking for a somewhat quick read.

Character List

Viola- Protaganist, found on the shore of Illyria after a shipwreck where she had lost contact with her brother Sebastian. She begins dressing as a man by the name of "Cesario" to make her way through Illryra. She soon falls in love with the Duke and falls into a love triangle with the other characeters.

Olivia- Woman of Illyra, courted by Orsino, but finds herself in love with "Cesario" when he comes to Illyra.

Sebastian- Viola's lost twin brother, travels to Illyria but finds that many people of Illryria already know him; including, Lady Olivia that wants to marry him, even without knowledge of who he is.

Maria- Antangonist to Malvolio. Desires the same things that of Malvolio; to rise in class through marrige of someone higher than themselves.

Antonio- Finds Sebastian in shipwreck and follows him to Illyria. Has a strong bond to Sebastian shown by giving him things and showing gim around Illriya.  

Malvolio- Head Servant for Lady Olivia has aslo fallen in love with Lady Olivia. Played for a fool when he was lied to about the fact of Lady Olivia falling for him.



Quote: “There is no woman’s sides

Can bide the beating of so strong a passion as love…” (91)

Explanation: This story shows what a person is willing to do for love. The character in this quote, Orsino, is talking about the love he has for Oliva, another character in the story. This quote shows the different angles of ideas and feelings these characters feel for each other. Some feel that others can’t love the same way that others can, said by Orsino. This book is recommend for anyone looking for a different kind of love story.

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