Jim Brown

BY: Mike Freeman

The Fierce Life of an American Hero


Their are very few men and women that have changed the games they play around themselves and have created a new views of what is expected as a player in that sport. Jim Brown was one of these people who was a specie of himself and could get the job done even off the field. Brown was born in Georgia and was born with a challenge on his back, being left by his father and soon enough his mother where he would have to live with his grandmother. He  would grow up loving sports and dominating in them as well earning his way into Syracuse and becoming a NFL hall of famer and even after the he wasn't done and became an actor.




I gave my book five stars because I really enjoyed learning everything about Jim Brown. When I think of a complete perfect man who could do anything I think of him and everything he accomplished. The book was very good but sometimes it would get a little to much caught up in the facts and stats of him and not his personal story.


"When Brown eventually began attending Manhasset High School, Walsh saw that he was not the kind of football player who relied strictly on the fact he was faster and stronger than most. Brown had a work ethic unlike that of any other kid he coached."

"he was not going to be just one of the great athletes of his generation, but one of the distinguished men as well."

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