Your Chromebook

This handbook will help you learn more about your new chrome book.

When we got our chrome books we were working on this book for you and working on text structures.

No Chromebook

  • inappropriate email=no chrome book

If your friends or anyone ever sends you an inappropriate or mean email you should tell an adult or someone you trust. Or you're going to get in trouble and also it isn't safe.

Won't Connect to the Internet

Problem: Oh no! My internet won’t work what should I do?!

Solution: Here’s what you should do, first you should shut down your chromebook.  If that doesn't work then you should ask your teacher if you can do your work on a piece of paper.

How to be Safe on the Internet

Hi, my name is Olivia and I am going to do a step by step on how to be safe on the internet. Lets get started!

  1. Never use google, always use your 3rd or 4th grade website.
  2. Never tell anyone your password.
  3. Never talk to anyone online that you don’t know.
  4. Listen to your teacher about anything important he or she has to say.

Life with my Chrome Book

My chrome book has been amazing ever since I got it. It makes work so much easier and on Friday we get to take them home. I hope you like the handbook that I made you. I think you will love your chrome book as much as I love mine! Also try and make good choices with it.

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