What Makes a Hero?

Charles "Chuck" Wahinney was a military Sniper for the Marines. He was apart of the Vietnam war in 1967. As a kid he was a great hunter wanted to use his skills in the military. As of right now he his still alive today with a total of 103 confirmed kills with the Remington 700 bolt action rifle and with the M14 Springfeild. With his most confirmed kills in history he saved 21 of his men.

Jerry Miculek is the worlds fastest shooter with 6 rounds in 1 second, he holds the worlds most valuable titles and hold hundreds more titles, he is also apart of the Smith and Wesson world league team and is sponsored but lots of companies.

Kevin Vue my brother, he saved me as I was growing up. I grew up as a bad kid and he help me with my homework, school stuff and more. But the one thing I will remember is when I was drowned and his pulled me out of the water and punched my chest. Good times with my brother, I will remember my brother Kevin for the rest of my life, even though we fight and argue.