Ninny vs Governess Play

Mistress: Good morning Emily

Emily: Good morning Mistress

Mistress: Hey how about meeting me tomorrow after you finish teaching so I can give you your money for these past 2 months.

Emily; Okay I will see you then.

Emily: (starts teaching for the day)

Mistress: (6 hours later) See me in the morning before you start teaching Emily.

Emily: (grinning face) Okay see you then

Mistress: (The next morning) Emily come in here I have your money.

Emily: (stops by for a second) Hurry im late for teaching

Mistress: Gets the money out of his back pocket. (frowning) I lost some of it I only have 30 dollars I owe you 55 more.

Emily: Thats okay I will just take that and go on.

Mistress: But that wouldnt be fair for me to pay you only a little bit of what you earned.

Emily: No no its okay I will take this. I have to go I will catch up with you later.

Mistress: Okay see me this afternoon.

Emily: (Leaves room and goes to teach)

Mistress: (7 hours later) Ahh Ha I found the rest of the money, Hmm she should be coming in here anytime now.

Emily: Hey you told me to come in here right?

Mistress: Yes I have the rest of your money.

Emily: Oh you didnt have to do that I was fine with what i had.

Mistress: Its not fair for me to just give you half of what you earned. You need to stand up for what you earn and not be so leaniet on everything.

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