What is it?/How does it form?

A Hurricane is a deadly storm that wrecks everything in its path, it destroys houses people wild life etc. A Hurricane can only form in waters 80 degrees or warmer and anywhere between 5-15 degrees latitude/near the equator. It forms in the water when to warm fronts go in a upward motion at the same time and at the same speed because hot air goes up because it is less dense/ ways less then it turns back into cold air and falls then it turns back into hot and rises then they just keep cycling through getting faster and faster as they go.

Historical Example.

A horrible terrible one of the worst Hurricanes Katrina to date and it in 2005 it hit the Bahamas and brought massive title waves and killed over 1,800 it then went down in the books as one of the top 5 deadliest Hurricanes to date. This particular Hurricane formed in the Atlantic ocean the hurricane also did so much damage that it cost 108 million to repair all of the damage caused latter on it also went on to the US and it then brought floods and much more.

How humans have prepared/planned

Over the time of history people and inventors have changed and improved Hurricane warning and tech to help us be more prepared for Hurricane for example. Today every phone has a weather app on their phone that they can not delete the app also we now have more advanced Hurricane warning systems and we also have better shelters to keep us safe from the dangers of Hurricanes.

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Fun Facts

Hurricanes usually last for about a week

The eye of the Hurricane is the calmest part of the whole Hurricane

Hurricanes can only form in warm waters.

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