Brighton Beach Memoirs
                                                             By: Nathalie Barriga

The Great Depression (1929-1939)

The great depression was the longest economic downfall in history. In the United States it began after the stock market crashed in October 1929. After several years sells and investments dropped, causing high levels of unemployment. By 1933 there was about 13 to 15 million Americans who were unemployed and half of the country's banks failed. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of many that helped trying to get the Great Depression back to normal in the 1930s. The economy turn around in 1939 when World War II happened.

Collages in the 1930's

Tuition in Penn University in the 1930's was $400 including the General Fee. It also depended in what you wanted to major in. The rooms and board cost $520, text books were $35, and clothing and other things you needed cost about $260. The difference between now and back then is that now in the cost to attend college is many more times then in the 1930's. Now to attend is $64,200, Tuition and Fees is $47,668, Room and Board is about $13,464 ,Books and Supplies you may need is $1,220 ,and for Other Expenses it would be $1,848. The University of Pennsylvania, Mascot is a Quaker.

In  the 1930's a average new house cost about $7,145.00, also the average income per year was $1,970.00. A new car cost would be about $640.00 and gas was 10 cents in the 1930's.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim I'm am very sorry for my bad behavior. I just stand up for what i think is right. I wanted to tell you that i feel real bad for disrespecting you as my boss. I'm sending you this letter for forgiveness and to let you know i really need this job, i need to help my family out. I'm always early to work i do what I'm asked and responsible.

  Mr. Stroheim i beg you to please don't leave me with out a job i could start from the bottom, please. You as a father and as a son wouldn't like to help your family out with at least a sustainable wage. If you do give me a chance i would like a raise to help my parents with more money for the house and my family.

   Thank you for you time, and from the bottom of my heart i offer you an apology and would like another chance.


                                                                                                                Stanley Jerome

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