Pronunciation Practice

Sounds and Spelling


Words and sounds in English can be the same or different. There are 26 six letters in the alphabet, 5 vowels, and more than 40 sounds in English.

Some words have the same number of letters and sounds:

For example: best (4 letters, 4 sounds).

Sometimes, the letters and sounds are different:

For example: six (3 letters, 4 sounds) or listen where the "t" is silent (6 letters, 5 sounds).

There are also words which have the same spelling but different pronunciation, such as read (verb in the present) and read (verb in the past).

Sometimes, words have the same spelling but sound differently, such as "know" and "no".

This is why we use symbols to learn pronunciation. Here are links with all sounds:




More consonants

Some sounds

Watch these videos to review the short and long vowels we practised in class:

Here's another video:

Practise and play

Here's a game to practice your sounds, click here.

Here's a song with a game to practice pronunciation, click here.


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