Finding JC falls

The day was hot and smothering. Joseph and i where playing zombies on the X box.We got to level 11 and had the power on. We had played it for so long we got really bored and our hands were aching

Joe and me were thinking of stuff to do. Joseph suggested "lets go explore the wilderness behind my house". It was a good idea so I went and asked my mom. She  said "yes you can go but I have to go with you."

We got our exploring clothes on jeans,boots,sleeveles shirt,belt,gun,machety,and an orange hat. So we are walking in the woods and we find a little stream. So we follow it all the way down and we see it .  We see the perfect thing to do over the summer.

It was a waterfall. It was about a 1 foot drop. The water below it was about 5 foot deep. It was the perfect swim hole.The water fall was like a down hill water fall. we would slide down it in our stomachs and stuff it was awesome.

Joe and me took all our stuff off and dove in. It was freezeing cold it felt like it was 10 degrees but it was fun. We spent hours in it  we went very offen that summer and then we got tired and said good bye and we will see it this next summer and untill then we will be boored.We latter named it JCfalls for Joseph and Chase falls.



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