AP Psychology

By Grant Knebel

   Come join the best class EVER and learn all about the the brain, memory, personality, sensation/perception, learning, thinking, intelligence, social psychology,  emotion, motivation, eating and feeding disorders, psychological disorders, and therapies. This class will leave you with a new sense of knowledge that helps you better understand people and how they function in society.

When taking AP Psychology, my favorite subject to learn about was the brain. The brain is such a complex and superior organ in the human body that mankind  has yet to fully comprehend, and with the unknown comes a keen sense of curiosity that sparks in my mind.

    With the knowledge that comes from this class, YOU can gain a greater sense of knowledge of people and how they function within society. In knowing specific subjects, such as people's psychological disorders, you can better equip yourself to understand and deal with people who have these disorders in the real world. Conflicts that arise at your home or your workplace can be avoided after knowing the material from this class.

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