9/11 conspiracy

On 9/11 there was a terrorist attack that happened in New York and in Washington D.C.Two planes crashed into the world trade centers and made them fall and get destroyed and another one crashed into the pentagon.But some people seem to think that it was planned out that way so they could destroy the twin towers on a inside job.Another one of the conspiracy's was that it was a controlled demolition.And that it was bombs placed in the tower.The other one is that there was a missile that was aimed at the twin towers and it blew them up.Some evidence that they had to prove it wasn't a airplane that hit the twin towers was that steel melts at 2,500 degrees and the jet fuel can only get up to 1,800 degrees.So that means the towers should have not fallen because the support beams still would have been there.But in the ruble there was nothing there when they looked through it.

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