Interview with Napoleon Bonaparte

French Revolution Interview

                                         Interview with Napoleon Bonaparte

Interviewer: Where were you born and is that where you are from.

Napoleon: I was born on the French Island of  Corsica. My family was originally from Italy and Italian was my first language. French the second language that I learned. When I spoke in French I was often teased as a child because of the way I spoke.

Interviewer: When you were younger you were enrolled into a military school. How did that work out for you?

Napoleon: I was enrolled in an elite French military school. I excelled in battle strategy and battle tactics . I was recognized by the  Directory when I took a buckshot and shrapnel and I packed them into cannons  and opened fire on a royalists uprising.

Interviewer: What did you do after your defeat in Egypt? Why did you think up this plan?

Napoleon: After my defeat I hurried back to France. Once I got there, Two of the Directors and I made a plan to overthrow the Directory. We carried out our plan and we succeeded. Why I did it? I did it simply for power.

Interviewer: So why did you create the Code Civil or the Napoleonic Code?

Napoleon: I  created the code so it would deal with the laws of persons, property, and acquisition of property.

Interviewer: Why did you create a National Bank?

Napoleon: I did it to have more control on the economy. It also made it so all taxes went into the National treasury instead of in tax collectors pockets. It also closed tax loops.

Interviewer: Why did you create the Continental System? What was it's purpose?

Napoleon: The Continental System was used to hurt Britain's economy. We put an embargo on their goods. But in the end it ended up hurting my allies.

Interviewer: Why did you threaten Russia? Why did you invade them?

Napoleon: Czar Alexander I stopped using the Continental System and had started trading with Britain, so I threatened him and told him there would be consequences, but he didn't listen. So I invaded.

Interviewer: How did scarce supplies from eating off the land effect you and your troops?

Napoleon: They were smart. They burned any supplies we could have used. Many of my men died because of starvation.