None of you know this because I haven't brought it up before... but one of my dream jobs, actually my 3rd choice, is to become a Youtuber... a famous Youtuber... anyways I have some Youtubers to suggest for you guys, I watch all of these Youtubers and love them, these are some of my favorite Youtubers of all time. I love them also because they have my dream job.


Superwoman a.k.a. Lily Singh is a Youtube Star who has around 5,500,000 subscribers and is actually about to have a tour called "A Trip to Unicorn Island". If you would like to check out her videos here is a link to her videos and a link to her website! Btw she does act out her parents. If you are interested in more of her videos you can check out her youtube channel IIsuperwomanII

Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is a really famous youtuber and is my bae well as long as Miranda doesn't find out... anyways Joey has 4.5 Million subscribers. He is about to let out his book that he has been writing for a year now. I am so excited to read it if I am going to get it I probably will though! He is the best! He also has the cutest dog in the world named wolf!!!

Miranda Sings

Most of you should know who Miranda Sings is. She calls Joey her Bae and they are going to get married.. you would have to watch the video for it to make sense I will put the link... they aren't really going to. Miranda has 3,803,067 subscribers and goes on tour. she is an "amazing" singer and is also a magician.

She and Joey also do collab videos together a lot because of her crazed obsession over him!

Connor Franta

Connor Franta is another epic youtuber and and one of Joey's best friends. Connor has 4,404,913 subscribers and continues to get more! He also has a book and it came out today!!! I am so excited!!!


Zoella is another amazing youtuber. She is pretty Funny and she is British and she has 7,948,670 subscribers! She is Honestly Beautiful on the outside and on the inside! She is in her 20's and lives in England

Ricky Dillon

Ricky Dillon is also friends with Connor and Joey and I know some of you girls or guys might not think he is the cutest but he is funny he has 2,297,363 Subscribers not as many as most of them but still a lot of subscribers

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link are the most awesome 30 year old's I have ever seen! They are fun and entertaining and do many fun and exciting things!!! They have 3 channels that I know of so I think that is all... anyways "Good Mythical Morning", Good Mythical More", Which is the show after the show, and "Rhett and Link" which is where they put their music videos and stuff like that.

Part 2 coming soon!


Sorry this was late I have had a real busy schedule lately but I will try to keep up with what I said about posting Tackks. Once again I am sorry for not staying on top of this. Make sure to leave a comment down below of some topics you want me to write about. I still need a name for my Tackks so leave a comment down below of what you think I should call them. Thanks Bye!