the vultures.

                our motto : we protect you people as if we were protecting ourselves.

Light blue: We are honest and protective

Black: We are mysterious and other human beings fear us.

White: Pureness we cause no terrifying harm to those around us.

Red flame: We are strong, powerful and bright like fire flames.

THE CONSTITUTION OF burning flames in the burning hell.

Constitution of opposite worlds in cruelty



The name of this country will be lucky charms.



The purpose of this country is to provide …

We will make our citizens stronger with what we will provide them and teach them. Our goal(s) is to become a country other human beings want to come and visit and stay. Every citizen has a say in our country but not everything becomes a real thing.

List reasons for existence, goals of the country, etc.

Examples may include: Provide a sense of community; Maintain academic freedom; Promote leadership skills; etc.


What are the requirements to be a citizen of your country? What are the expectations that each citizen will have? What does the government request all citizens to do to support their country?

The requirements of becoming a citizen in our country is that you need to give up all your rights to any other country they have might have a citizenship for. Once someone becomes a citizen, they have limitations on when and where they can visit out of the country. A way to support their country the people must stay in the country for over 6 months every time they leave the country for more than a week, just to help out on what they have missed on.


Who will be in charge of this country? What type of government system will this country have? (Explain in detail how a leader is elected [if that is even an option]) What protections will be made to ensure that the government will / cannot be corrupt?

The person in charge of our country will be someone who does not fear a single human being or creature. He/she will be powerful to the sense that will not let their ruling over take them to become something the country does not desire. The type of government system will be a dictatorship.


What are the responsibilities of the government? What does the government promise to provide it citizens? What are the responsibilities of the people?

The government will automatically and officially give homes to all the citizens that are in the country. To be able to keep the home the citizens must keep their responsibilities in action. The responsibilities are that they have to help keep the country stable which means following all the laws.


What are some laws that will defend the people? List the most important laws that will be enforced in your country. (You will go into more detail when you create your bill of rights.) Have at least 10 laws minimum.

-Taco Tuesday will be allowed the second Tuesday of every month if citizens are good and listen to instructions, as instructed. If you do not accept the tacos, you will be tortured in every way possible.

-Citizens are free to live how the prefer, as long as it’s in favor of the government. If citizens attempt to go against the government, they will be sentenced to death.

-Citizens may have free education until they reach 1st grade. In first grade they must pay a $200 fee to be admitted. No help will be provided until student reaches college. In college, help will be provided only if they are coming to work for the government, becoming a doctor, or a teacher.

-If you are in public, you must keep your children under control. If you are in a store/ restaurant/ etc. and your child is being disruptive, you will be escorted out and will not be allowed to re-enter until your child in calm. You will also be fined $200.

-Pets are allowed in each home, but only in quantities of 1. If there is another pet added to the family, it should be in rock form. If excessive pets are not rocks, your pets will be removed from the home and you will be sentenced to death.

-Only the colors red, blue, black, and white should be worn at all times. If you are caught wearing any other colors, you will be taken to prison and fined $200.

-Everyone is watched at all times.

-Divorce or adultery will not be tolerated. Problems in marriage should be worked out. If you are caught trying to divorce/ cheat on your spouse you will be taken to prison and tortured.

-You are free to an imagination. If we feel as if your imagination is too wild, you will be taken to prison and tortured until it is gone. You will be released when we feel you are ready, but you will be fined $400.

-If you are still alive after the age of 45, you will be given one last meal and sentenced to death.


What type of education systems will your country have? Will it be a form of free education?

-We will provide education to everyone, but very little will be taught. If people know too much, they might think that this countries beliefs are wrong. If this is in their minds, they might attempt to take over. We don’t want that to happen, so we keep education to a minimum.

Will citizens have to pay for it? What about universities and colleges? What do you do with people who do not want an education?

- If a citizen makes it to college they must pay for it themselves. We want very little people making it to college, so we will not support them. If they are trying to work for the government to help us maintain the country, becoming a doctor, or a teacher we will help them pay.


What will be the symbol and flag for your country? What is the meaning behind its design?

-There is a flame on the flag to symbolize strength and brightness. The colors represent: Blue for honesty and protection. Black for being mysterious and feared by others. White for pureness. Red for power.


What, or who, will be the figurehead of your country? (Think of this as your “mascot”. In 1984, it was Big Brother.)

-The Vulture


CHARACTERISTICS AND ABILITIES:                                                                               The vulture is a strong and powerful creature that is evil to those who miss treat it and disrespect him. It's power is too over come every obstacle that comes its way, with that happening everything around it fears it in every way possible. it glides through the world and tortures those who try to come on its path. In the matter of time that everybody fears The Vulture it protects those who love and cherish it.


Our protector has gone through so many journeys on its own, it has also been with us citizens through out our journeys as well. The vulture, which is our protector, has taught us so many bright and amazing things. Our protector has taught us to never let any other human beings or creatures to be unexpectedly rude and harmful to us. In our community we have learned to not go down without an argument/ fight. We will be strong and powerful and over come every obstacle that comes our way just like the vulture has taught us. The vulture has taught the citizens to be stronger than anyone else that comes their way, not just physically strong but mentally strong as well. Vultures have been known to hunch their bodies to tuck their heads in the cold, and also to open their wings to stretch their necks in the heat. To know they do this, you can tell they are practically known to protect themselves. Even if they are just a bird, they have enough strength and power to protect themselves from a variety of objects that bothers its way to its destination. The vulture has shown us how to be aware to protect ourselves, from creatures and or human natures that try to affect us in our path to our destination as well. As our protector continues to introduce to us to more techniques on how to protect ourselves, we both increase our care and affection towards each other. All us citizens of our country and our protector have bonded enough to know we will all have each others backs, and would not betray one another. In the past few years that we have worshiped our protector we have all gained each others trust and we will all stand towards anybody or anything that comes in our path to success.

national anthem/song/poem

i honestly don't know what to do.