The Missing BATGINI

By Maddox D. and Grant L.


One day there was a loud noise downstairs in the Batcave so me and Robin ran down to investigate. THE BATGINI WAS MISSING.

Suspect # 1
name: Cat Women

She looks like a cat wears all black and moves swift. Be careful around her.

Name: Ivy

Green has plant on body and lives in a garden.

Name: Freeze

Very cold has a freeze gun and wears a suit. And freezes you to death. Very dangerous. So need to be very careful around him.

Name: Two Face

Has two faces one nasty and gross the other manlike. He has a pet coin that he flips to decide if you die or not.



One day Robin and I where walking down to play Minecraft on the bat computer and we looked over to see if the Batgini had gas because we wanted to go get a new gift card for the new skin package. When we turned around it was gone.


Batman: Awesome really strong and swifter than any one in the world. You can not hear him unless he wants you to and has great combat.

Robin: Batman's sidekick everything batman has except not as good as him in combat


One rainy day in Gotham City Robin and I (Batman) where playing around in the Batcave. We played all sorts of games like my favorite knee football in the rock room. Don't worry we have carpet and padding on. Robin's favorite was basketball that was pretty fun too. But anyway back to the story we had just gotten out of the batcourt and we heard a vroooom vroooom we ran to investigate, our batghini was missing there was ice, a leaf, a claw and a piece of flesh. These could only be 4 people Mr. Freeze, Ivy,Cat-woman and two face. There was evidence that they were there but which one was it? We went to the bat building.

We went because Alfred told us he saw it by the building. We arrived there and saw freeze. We asked him where he was at 12:00. He said at the layer owned by two face to make a plan to destroy us. Then we walked to Jacks and found Catwoman dancing and we asked her about it and she said that she was there but the Batgini was gone before. she said she was here before. So we went back to the Batcave and asked Alfred when the car was gone. He said "It was about mid night." We went back to Jacks and saw her and asked "where were you at 12:00 midnight I was eating here.

The next person we asked was Ivy. "Where were you at 12:00 midnight last night." She said she was asleep.

Then we went to two face and we asked him were he said he was at Nashville Ladies.

Then we went back home to play minecraft.

When we got back home we saw cat woman there. we asked "How did you get in here"? she didn't answer just laughed. Then we new.

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