Career Research Project

Austin Jump PGA Proffessional

Necessary Job Skills:

Teaching Skills

Communication Skills

Golf Ability

Education Requirement:

High School Diploma or Higher

PGA Golf School

Recommended School:

ASU: Arizona State University

A few quotes have influenced me in a positive way. One was from my father, Mike Jump, and the second was from my friend, James, and last was from myself.

My dad says many memorable things to me. Each thing has its own meaning, and they are all mostly about golf. Golf is easily relateable to real life. My dad always tells me, " A bad shot is followed by a dumb shot." What that means is, a bad shot, leads to a shot with no focus, and no thinking, so it usually is also bad. This relates to real life because when you do something dumb, you can just think about what to do, and move on.

Second, my friend James told me in 6th grade," What's the point of living if you don't feel alive?" I have always thought highly of this quote because it defines ME. I like to have fun, and life is the longest thing we do, so why not have fun the whole time? I believe anyone can be anything, you just have to do it. So make your life worth living and talking about. That's basically what he meant.

Last is my own saying, one I will remember and live by." The best player doesn't always win, but the best player always learns." What I meant by that is, as a human, you're going to have an "off" day where we may not always win, or do well. What we can do, no matter what, is learn. That is what the mind is for. The best athletes in the world are so good because they've mastered this theory. Everyone can.

My dad is someone I look up to. He is the best golfer, physically, and mentally, that I have ever met. He has the work ethic, and the drive to be good. That is exactly what I want with my life. He is someone I have learned most of my game from, and I will continue to learn. I like playing golf with him, and seeing the shots he hits, so I can do the same. There is no other person in this world I want to learn the game from. He has played the game for 30 years, and is very knowledgeable.

PGA Instructor is a great job for me because I love the game of golf, and my personality is almost perfect for it. Tiger Woods once said that the greatest thing about tomorrow, is being better than you are today. This means a lot to me because I think it is very true. There is no reason why I can't get better. Tiger Woods has the best work ethic, and I want to be like him. He has many good characteristics, and he is someone who is very knowledgeable with the golf swing.  

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