Single Furnace Solid-Fuel Fired Steam Boiler

This type of boiler utilizes fuel such as coal, wood, lignite, agro-waste briquettes, bagasse, rice husk, ground nut shell or any other solid fuel, including paper, dry leaves or dead branches. This can be a very convenient alternative source of heat and power because of its versatility and its adaptability to whatever fuel is available.

Walia Boilers designed this boiler type to be a modern-day solution to our dwindling resources and the need to recycle waste or utilize alternative fuel materials.

With its capacity of 500 kg/hr. to 3000 kg/hr., this solid-fuel fired steam boiler will provide a wide spectrum of application, from small-sized domestic or manufacturing use to medium-scale industrial application. It satisfies internationally-accepted industry inspection standards and other requirements demanded by the customer.

We can see how Walia Boilers tries to meet the needs of its clients by creating ideas and products and providing services suited to their specific objectives.

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