Analysis of Born in The U.S.A

  • What sensory experiences does the song describe?
  • It describes Pain or Remorse even when it mentions, “You end up like a dog that's been beat too much.” This line shows the emotional on physical toll of his life.
  • Where does the song use pauses, repetition, parallelism and/or unique sentence structure?
  • Bruce Springsteen says “Born in the U.S.A” constantly which is an example of repetition.
  • What three words most impact to the overall feel of this song?
  • Hometown, U.S.A and Vietnam.
  • How are musical devices (instrument choice, pacing, rhythm, vocals, etc.) used to enhance specific words' meaning?
  • He shouts/chants the main chorus of the song which is Born in the U.S.A to show us how his experiences in America have impacted his life.
  • What is the subject of the song? Does it tell a story or declare a message?
  • The subject of the song is being raised in an average hometown in the U.S and then being sent of to war for no real reason than to kill “the yellow man”.
  • ***If there are any allusions you do not know, research their details and decide how they add meaning to the song.
  • Saigon was the capital in South Vietnam where the North Vietnamese won a significant battle.
  • Khe Sanh was an important battle where both sides claimed victory.
  • Use this list of tone words to describes the tone of the song’s music.
  • Irritated or Remorseful
  • Use this list of tone words to describes the tone of the song’s language as revealed through imagery, syntax, diction, and details.
  • Contradictory, proud, irritated
  • Create/select a symbolic visual to present your analysis embodying both the literary and musical tone of the song. The image should be a SYMBOLIC representation, not a literal one. For example, do not use a picture of the tomb of the unknown soldier; rather, use a symbol that abstractly conveys the idea of anonymity in the song.

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