I Used to be...

I used to be very close to you,

like two peas in a pod.

But now, I know you no more,

a different person in my past life.

I used to be one faced with you,

but with this generation,

things get to you,

eating you from the inside,

trying to climb out.

I used to be able to reach with you,

reaching for the stars,

but pollution in this era,

not only in the skies,

but coming down to our levels,

sneaking up on us,

trying to define us.

I used to be a one emotion with you,

being close, one faced, and able to reach,

but now,

I guess it's good to be mixed with emotion,

unable to think without focus,

actually finding yourself,

in that state of mind.

For that I thank you.

I'm mixed.

Mixed and Twistered with everything.