Charlemagne and the Carolingians Empire

What keeps Powerful and Successful Empires Strong?

Charlemagne (also known as Charles the great)


He was a medieval emperor who ruled most of western Europe from 768-814 CE. Charlemagne became king of Franks a Germanic tribe in present day Belgium, France, and western Germany. He embarked on a mission to unite all Germanic people into on kingdom and convert his subjects into Christianity. He had skilled military strategies, he spend most of his time in war fair order to accomplish his goals. In 800 CE Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne ruler of the Romans in this role he encouraged the Carolingian renaissance a culture and intellectual revival in Europe. Today Charlemagne is known to some as the father of Europe.   


  • Worked to protect the church from enemy's and kept people united under the church
  • Charlemagne  began to expand this kingdom almost immediately
  • Charlemagne followed a policy of friendship and cooperation with the church
  • Charlemagne Introduced a system to the rest of Europe that his father and grandfather had on the Frankish kingdom, this system became the bases for feudalism.
  • Charlemagne was devoted justice and a good government
  • He divided his empire into districts and appointed officers to administer them
  • Charlemagne sent royal inspectors  to carry his orders to the districts and tell him about the local conditions, this way he kept control of the distant parts of the empire.

Essential question answer

A Emperor who Cares about the empire and its people, and who is constantly trying to make their Empire the best is what makes empires strong and continue to be strong for generations after (Sometimes)

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