Health Science

Alexis Davey


Health science encompasses a variety of sub-disciplines, all of which relate to the application of science to health. Both traditional, Western and alternative medicine can be considered health sciences. Because humans have always needed to deal with illness, it could be said that health science has existed for as long as humans have. The field includes the study of medicine, nutrition and other health-related issues and the affect they may have on both humans and animals.


Most every job in Health services is going to grow rapidly due to the advanced in technology and new sickness found. This means more jobs will be opening up to more people in this career cluster.

Medical and Health Services Managers-

Bright outlook- is expected to grow rapidly and is projected to have large numbers of job openings.
Wadges/ Annual $43.72 hourly, $90,940 annual
Green Career- Isn't a green career
College- Bachelor's Degree

Impact from technology- Desktop computers, Laptop computers,Personal computers,Scanners

Health Care Social Worker

Bright outlook- Grow rapidly

Wadges/ Annual -$24.44 hourly, $50,820 annual

Green career - isn't a green career

College- Master's Degree

Impact from technology-Desktop computers,Notebook computers,Personal computers

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