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There is a teen suicide every 13.3 minutes...

In 2011 there were 39,518 teen suicides... what if  it was because of you?

Age: 5-14     Numbers of suicide:184    Rate: 0.4%

Age: 15-24    Number of suicides:4,140 Rate: 9.7%...

20% of suicides are U.S. veterans...

one in five high school kids seriously consider suicide...



Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem...
Whether it is family life, school, academics, sports, acceptance, bullying, sexual orientation, etc. Teens today aren't taught how to cope properly to the pressures of life. That is why most "depressed" or "suicidal" teens resort to suicide, cutting, burning, bruising and many other types of self harming, because they don't know how to deal with it any other way than to take it out on themselves.

Types of suicide.

Electric Shock
Exsanguination {blood loss}
Gun Shot

These are the most "commonly" used methods of suicide. Suicide doesn't always just require killing yourself in a moment. Drug use/ Alcohol abuse or things as simple as self harm is a type of suicide. You're slowly killing yourself from the addictions and teens/kids don't realize how serious their habits may be.

Seem's happy right?

See? That's Demi Lovato. She looks happy doesn't she? Well it's amazing what people hide with a smile. She was/is suicidal. She had to go to rehab for her severity in self harm, multiple eating disorders, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, & suicidal thoughts. Everyone thought she was a happy, worry-free teenager but little did they know she was considering taking her own life. Now after she got help and is coping *the right way* for her depression she is a big supporter and had devoted her career for suicide/self harm and troubled teens.

This is what our teens are doing to themselves... this is a problem.

Ways to prevent.

1] There are many ways to prevent suicide. There are a completely confidential hotlines, websites, therapist and even confession priest that listen and try to help with their suicidal thoughts and actions.

2] Make our schools, communities and parents aware of this problem because most of our population isn't aware or doesn't understand this condition fully. They judge before they get a chance to be educated.

*down below is the national {confidential} suicide hotline*


Kurt Cobain of "Nirvana, suicide by overdose on heroin, shot to the head.
Robin Williams the act, suicide by hanging and slit wrist
Sid Vicious of "Sex Pistols" Overdose and Gunshot to the head
Ian Curtis of "Joy Division" had 2 suicide attempts, he hung himself the 3rd


Pictures *Tumblr.com*

Info *NationalSuicidePrevention.com*

Other? *Common sense*

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