Day 5: July 7, 1863

Today, the public was told about a letter sent to one of the generals of the Union. It is terrible news. The Confederates are backing out with out consent. This means that they could recuperate and come back to hard for us. Mr. Lincoln has warned the Union soldiers and they plan to build obstacles.

I honestly am glad that they have warned them. Lincoln is a smart man and a great leader for our country. He has brought us through so much the last three years. I wish all future presidents are like this for my future children and their children. I would love to here from John and see how he is doing.

Mom and Father have been doing more lately because more is needed to be done. I have been moping around. I pray that this doesn't affect any of our future plans. We were planning to be married in June, before the war came. They think that Lincoln is good too. They think he is doing many things right.

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