Rain Storms and Related Struggles

"For two days the earth drank the rain, until the earth was full. Then puddles formed, and in the low places little lakes formed in the fields. The muddy lakes rose higher, and the steady rain whipped the shining water." (Pg. 432)

As the seemingly never ending rain continued to pour onto the earth, it began taking over the highways. Soon, cars would quit due to fouled ignition wires and carburetors.

The dreadful rain started putting men out of work, work that would not be available again for a couple of months. With no work there is no money and with no money there is no food.

Because of the terrible conditions and lack of food, people, especially children and the elderly, started getting very sick.

"In the wet hay of leaking barns babies were born to women who panted with pneumonia. And old people curled up in corners and died that way, so that the coroners could not straighten them." (Pg. 434)

"Tiny points of grass came through the earth, and in a few days the hills were pale green with the beginning of the year." (Pg. 435)

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