The Messenger God

^Me being awesome^

<My Family is the Best>

A Little Bit About Me

I am the messenger god who created numbers, the lyre, the art of fighting, the alphabet, and many other things!  My birthday is on August 12 and I was born in a cave on Earth. I am one of three people that is allowed to go to Hell without being punished. My best friend is Apollo.

My Kind Of Music

The music I like is techno and rap. My favorite artists are Eminem and Skrillex.

My Fave T.V. Show


The Flash is my favorite T.V. show because when I see Flash, I think of myself.

My Kind Of Restaurant

One Stop Wing Stop

The thing I like most about Pizza Hut is the Delicious wings they sell!!

The Thing I Hate

^^Douchebag Alert^^

I absolutely hate it when people try to stop me from doing my pranks!!

My Sports

I like track because it's competitive but the fact that I'm super fast kind of ruins the fun...

My Hobby

These kind of things is how I make the most of my life!!! I love doing mean pranks like this one.

My Fave Movie

I like Forest Gump because it's a great story full of amazing stories and incredible endurance.

My Best Friend

  • Me and Apollo have known each other since the day of my birth. I even made his signature instrument, the lyre, for him.

If you ever need me, you can find on the top of Mount Olympus along with the other gods.

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